Organic Cosmetica was founded by a regenerative medicine physician from New York, who has devoted much of her career to alternative orthopedic and anti-aging cosmetic treatments. Keenly aware of the painful and expensive nature of some cosmetic procedures and aware of the potential dangers of certain drugs and synthetic ingredients, she searched for alternative options for her patients and clientele and for herself. Frustrated by the dearth of quality, clean anti-aging skin and hair care products in an unregulated industry saturated with brands that lacked regard for sustainability, she founded Organic Cosmetica.

We create high quality, 100% natural, anti-aging skin and hair care products for men and women including those with allergies and sensitivities. Everything we make is gluten-nut-soy-free, certified vegan, certified animal test-free, made in the USA and contain at least 60% certified organic ingredients. The ingredients in our products provide some of the highest concentrations of antioxidants and regenerative properties that are backed by science for anti-aging benefits.

Many in the cosmetic industry outsource the creation of their formulas (private label) and lack knowledge and control of what is actually in their products. Organic Cosmetica self-formulates and owns 100% of each unique formulation and we proudly disclose our ingredients on our website.

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