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Green Skincare Products

With endless information at our fingertips, our options as consumers are more numerous than ever. From clothing to food to beauty, there are endless choices of products for every preference and lifestyle. Many of the available product options were influenced by regulations and laws, while others were born out of popularity and consumer trends.

One such option is “green” products, labeled as eco-friendly and giving the impression of natural, organic practices. Though any move toward lowering human impact on the earth is appreciated, it’s important to understand what these labels — “green products”— mean. We cannot be conscious consumers or stewards of the earth if we do not fully understand the meaning behind our actions and purchases. For those who have noticed green beauty products filling more shelf space lately, here are some green movement traits that are helpful to understand.

The Term Isn’t Regulated

It’s extremely important to understand that products labeled as “green” have not met a certain standard or criteria. This term is often used to attract consumers and can mean different things to different companies. To some, it means a rebranding and minimal adjustment of a product to capitalize on the eco-friendly crowd. For others, it means a brand and company that is passionate about the planet and preserving natural resources. Consider your motivation for going “green” before you buy, then find companies whose mission statements align with your values.

Green Indicates Eco-Friendly

Many people use the terms “green,” “clean,” and “natural” interchangeably, but it’s important to make a distinction among the three. Clean beauty products generally focus on eliminating toxins to be easier on the consumer’s skin and body. Natural beauty products are similar but generally refer to a product that has been derived from plants or natural resources. Green products’ primary focus is on the environmental aspect of consumerism. This often means recyclable packaging, biodegradable ingredients, carbon emission offset efforts, and sustainable ingredient harvesting. Again, this is not every company’s definition, so it’s always best to double-check before you buy.

What Green Means for Beauty

In the beauty industry, many companies are going green for the same reasons as any other industry is. In the beauty industry specifically, there is a lot of overlap between natural products and green skincare products. Though not all-natural products have made an effort to go green, many green products are inherently natural. Using nontoxic ingredients that are safe for skin and the environment is the core of what the green beauty movement is about, so it makes sense that being natural comes with being green. Many green beauty products are vegan, as animal by-products are one of the leading causes of carbon emissions globally. Though there are no industry-wide criteria, seeing a green label may indicate these business practices and beliefs.

Though it’s not always done perfectly, the green movement is incredibly important for the planet’s future. While not all products can immediately go organic, many have the option to enact green business practices that do make a difference when it comes to the health of our planet. At Organic Cosmetica, organic and green products are the only thing we make. From the inception of our company, we’ve been passionate about the environment and minimizing our impact on it. To experience true natural, green beauty, shop Organic Cosmetica today.